Revolutionizing CO2 Gas Cylinder Management​

Discover our revolutionary solution that digitizes and automates CO2 gas cylinder management, with IoT cutting-edge technology.

By simplifying reordering, enhancing customer service, enabling effective asset management, and fostering sustainability, we’re transforming the gas market one cylinder at a time.


IoT Device

Patented IoT wireless sensor for CO2 cylinder measurement.

Mobile App

Access GasVisor anytime, anywhere from your mobile devices.

Web App

Manage your gas cylinders seamlessly from any browser.


CO2 monitoring for multiple devices and different locations in real time.


Effortless automatic ordering feature. No more unexpected shortages.


Immediate information about gas levels and potential issues.


To explore and order gas-related products and services.

Leak Detector

Proactive leak detection to ensure safety and regulations compliance.

How do we support and enhance your business?

GasVisor is ideal for businesses seeking smarter, more sustainable, and cost-effective gas cylinder management solutions. It helps offices, system gastronomy, hotels, and gas suppliers looking to streamline operations and enhance safety.

Say goodbye to manual inventory checks and complicated paperwork. With GasVisor, you can focus your time and resources on more critical aspects of your business while ensuring that your gas supply remains uninterrupted.

No more guessing or unexpected shortages. Our IoT-enabled solution gives you instant visibility into your gas inventory, allowing you to make informed decisions and avoid costly disruptions to your operations.

By optimizing reserve stocks and eliminating unnecessary waste, GasVisor helps you save money on your gas procurement expenses.

GasVisor enhances safety compliance by detecting potential leaks and alerting you to potential hazards before they escalate. Our proactive approach to safety helps you create a secure working environment for your employees and customers alike.

By reducing unnecessary waste and promoting efficient resource utilization, we help minimize our environmental footprint while ensuring a reliable supply of gas for your business needs.

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance and beyond. With GasVisor, you can count on prompt, personalized service that exceeds your expectations.

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GasVisor is the smartest, most sustainable, and cost-effective way of monitoring and ordering gas cylinders.

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