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Welcome to GasVisor, the future of gas management. Our patented IoT-enabled solution digitizes and automates CO2 gas cylinder management, delivering exceptional efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety for offices, system gastronomy, hotels, and gas suppliers. By simplifying reordering, enhancing customer service, enabling effective asset management, and fostering sustainability, we’re transforming the gas market one cylinder at a time. With GasVisor, the future of gas management is here.

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The first intelligent solution for monitoring and ordering CO2 cylinders.

Efficiency &

GasVisor’s IoT solution digitizes the CO2 gas cylinder management, automating the reordering process and offering real-time level monitoring.

& Safety

By optimizing reserve stocks and eliminating the need for additional anti-drop devices, GasVisor offers significant cost savings and ensures safety compliance.

Sustainability &
Customer Service

Our solution fosters a more sustainable supply chain, while the proactive delivery system enhances customer satisfaction, transforming the customer experience in the gas market.

We offer businesses the smartest the most sustainable a cost-effective way of ordering gas cylinders!

Ensuring Safety with GasVisor

TRSG 510

Navigating the legal and safety guidelines around CO2 cylinder storage can be a complicated and costly affair. One of the key mandates is the installation of an anti-drop device for each gas cylinder to prevent potential accidents.

At GasVisor, we’ve turned this challenge into an opportunity to add value. Our smart device ingeniously adjusts the height to width ratio of the cylinder, providing inherent stability and making additional anti-drop arrangements redundant.

With GasVisor, you not only save on the extra effort and expense of installing safety chains but also gain peace of mind, knowing that your gas cylinders are securely fitted and compliant with safety regulations. We’re committed to delivering solutions that are as safe as they are efficient. Trust GasVisor to streamline your CO2 gas management while always prioritizing safety.

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Drive Efficiency and Sustainability in Gas Supply with GasVisor

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